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Improv for Teams

High-performance applied improvisation workshops, with 100% of profits supporting our nonprofit

For corporations, organizations, boards, or universities interested in bringing their teams together

Improv for Teams are tailored workshops consisting of improv exercises, reflections, and applications to the workplace. Our workshops are highly interactive, low-stakes, and an engaging way to build critical team and presentation skills while growing closer together as a team.

No experience needed, just come as you are and be ready for a good time. 

Our Workshops

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All of our workshops are highly interactive and engaging. The below themes are starting points, but we customize each workshop to you and your teams' needs. Our experienced facilitators typically run 90 min-2 hour sessions and work with groups of 10-100.

teambuilding &

Our most popular workshop, and a great way to bring your team together. Our workshop is engaging and interactive – build authentic connections as you play and laugh together. Choose to combine with a happy hour – either way, the laughter will be flowing.

leadership &

Hone skills such as active listening, giving and receiving nonverbal cues, and speaking off the cuff with your group through tried and tested improv techniques proven to develop affiliative leadership. Great for participants who are looking to hone their communication skills as a leader in fun, low-stakes environment.

creativity & storytelling

The famous “Yes, And” mindset lends itself well to breaking down barriers and spurring creativity and innovation. This workshop has a specific focus on spontaneity, committing to big choices , and crafting compelling stories. A great way to kick off a new team project.

maximize your impact

one 90-min improv workshop for 10 people sponsors 3 improv workshops for Philly students

What to Expect

1. Warmups

2. Improv Games

3. Reflections

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In applied improv, fundamental improvisational techniques have been applied as broadly as to leadership training at Fortune 500 companies and alternative therapies for social anxiety. Improv can work for you too - no experience necessary, and no, it isn't just for "funny people". We simply ask that you come as you are with an open mind, ready to try something new.  



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