improv for teams

High-Performance Applied Improv Workshops

Improv for Teams is our offering for any corporations, organizations, universities, or teams interested in bringing the power of improv to their group.

of proceeds directly fund our free programs in schools


Improv for Teams are tailored workshops consisting of improv exercises, reflections, and applications to the workplace. Our workshops are highly interactive, low-stakes, and an engaging way to build workplace skills and grow as a team.

No experience needed, just come as you are and be ready for a good time.

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Our Workshops

NOT another boring Zoom

All of our workshops are highly interactive and engaging (and currently, virtual). The below are simply starting points for our workshops - we'll customize each workshop to you and your teams' needs. Our organization was born in the pandemic, so these workshops have been created for the Zoom world and will be taught by experienced facilitators. We love working with groups of 10-100.

Teambuilding & Collaboration

Leadership & Communication

Creativity & Storytelling

Custom Workshop

Invest in your team AND your communities


One 90-min workshop for 10 people sponsors 3 workshops for a full class of Unscripted students

What to Expect

1. Warmups

Team check-in, set expectations and workshop norms, physical + mental warmup

2. Improv Games

Expect to play 2-3 full group games and 1-2 smaller group games for a total of 3-5 games in an hour - it moves quickly!

3. Reflections

Discussion, applications of point of focus of game to real-world
scenarios, closing

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You may be familiar with comedic improv and "Whose Line is it Anyway", but improv - and applied improv - is so much more! In applied improv, fundamental improvisational techniques have been applied as broadly as to leadership training at Fortune 500 companies and alternative therapies for social anxiety. Improv can work for you too - no experience necessary, and no, it isn't just for "funny people". We simply ask that you come as you are with an open mind, ready to try something new.  

Client Testimonials


The workshop was a fun and easy way to interact with coworkers who you might not normally talk to in a silly way. The facilitators were super friendly and tied the lessons back to skills that can be used in everyday business. I would recommend this workshop to any company looking for something to shake up their professional development schedule.

Engineer, Pangaea

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We recently had Unscripted do a one-hour improv workshop for our client team. Despite a long day of meetings, Philip and Meera were fantastic at getting the group energized and invested in the session. Getting to see my team in a new light through a series of improv games was a fantastic bonding experience, and we have Unscripted to thank for collectively lifting our team spirit and for a very fun evening!

Unscripted was a great experience for our team, we were able to laugh together, think on our feet, and work together. We had so much fun and left with some inside jokes and this was all through Zoom!

Consultant, McKinsey & Co

HR, Neuroflow