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Unscripted Project gives improv comedy a serious role

CBS Mornings with Gayle King

CBS Mornings features Unscripted and our use of improv to teach young people confidence and other critical life skills

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Improv to the Rescue

The Philadelphia Citizen

Many organizations, including Unscripted Project, are using the toolkit of improv to build life skills and social-emotional wellness for young people and adults alike

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SY 2022-2023 Annual Report Released

Press Release

Unscripted's annual report from the '22-'23 school year has been released, sharing the details of our impact and plans for the future.

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3 lessons from improv to make your workplace better

From active listening to embracing uncertainty, The Unscripted Project's Karin Potter-Simmons explains how improv can improve professional communication.

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