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The work we do is crucial. Here's why.



students are leaving school unprepared for the world beyond. In an evolving professional landscape, academic preparedness alone is insufficient for students to thrive post-graduation. Social skills and emotional intelligence are now no longer simply “nice to have,” but rather are crucial to success.  While test scores, to some degree, can predict academic success, skills such as communication, relationship management, and resilience are more effective in preparing students for graduation and beyond.  It is crucial that we invent and invest in a new educational paradigm that addresses both the academic and social-emotional development needs of today’s students.

We at The Unscripted Project believe the performing arts – and improv training in particular – can be a powerful creative and educational tool to develop students into capable and well-rounded citizens.


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is home to many fiercely committed teachers and incredibly bright students, but we recognize many of the barriers they face in both delivering and receiving a high-quality education. Despite progress over the past decade, many communities in Philadelphia continue to struggle to access quality education, pursue opportunities for advancement, and achieve economic stability.

  • Currently, over 100,000, or 35%, of Philadelphia children live in poverty, one of the highest rates nationwide.

  • Students who have experienced poverty and trauma need more resources to succeed in schools than students who have not, yet the resource-strapped Philadelphia School District spends less per student than many of its neighboring districts.

  • As a result, only 26% of public school graduates feel they are ready for college and their careers.


However, with a continued emphasis from school districts on ensuring that graduates are college, career, and life ready, we at The Unscripted Project believe this is a pivotal time in education reform.




While an education in improv will not solve everything, we believe it equips students with a powerful toolkit to take with them into their lives. To this end, we are committed to partnering with Philadelphia public schools to support their students in both the ambition and achievement of their long-term goals.


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