teaching artists

Darryl Charles (he/they)

Darryl Charles is a stand-up comedian and improviser based in Philadelphia who performs and teaches across the country.  Darryl teaches at Unscripted because children naturally have the knack for improv. Imagination, adaptability and physicality are some of the most precious gifts a human can get. Teaching children to utilize these attributes into adulthood is integral to leading rich, full lives and contributing to a kinder, more empathetic society.


Katherine Perry (she/they)

Katherine Perry (she|they) is a Philadelphia based actor, improviser, teaching artist, and creative engine. Through their work Katherine seeks to generate positive disruption in the long-held systems that continue to oppress and marginalize people and communities. Every body can tell the story. As a performer Katherine has worked with the Arden Theatre Company, The Eagle Theatre, Revolution Shakespeare, and Theatre Horizon, as well as numerous new work development projects and productions.


Sharese Salters Headshot_edited.jpg
Sharese Salters (she/her)

Sharese has a passion for performance, teaching artistry, playwriting, and sound design! Her life's mission is to make theatre more accessible for underrepresented communities. Theatre presents what could be and she is always interested in encouraging kids to understand their full power and capability as young artists.

Susan LaPalombara (she/her)

Susan LaPalombara is a theater professional who has spent over thirty-five years teaching and directing in a variety of educational settings, from preschool to college. Susan served on the faculty of The Episcopal Academy, where she chaired the Department of Theatre and Dance. After leaving EA in 2011, she has divided her time between improv performance, and teaching theater to adults and children in underserved populations. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Yale University and an MFA in Child Drama from Arizona State University.

Paul Deichmann (he/him)

Paul is an improviser, theatre artist, and podcaster. Paul’s been improvising since high school, but it was while teaching theatre (playwrighting, acting, play-production) in Shanghai that he was reminded of how even the best education can neglect to help students become spontaneous, confident, and joyous. Improv was, and is, an excellent solution to that problem. Other teachers took note, and Paul began collaborating with English teachers to use the tools of improv and theatre education to enliven their classrooms. 

Tanya Headshot_edited_edited.jpg
Tanya Morgan (she/her)

Tanya is an actor, educator, and mental health professional. Improv is a huge part of her life and it has been since she started taking classes at UCB in 2004. Improv has helped her become more confident as a performer and mental health professional. She works at Unscripted because she wants to share what she has learned about and through improv with others, especially children.

Tara Gadomski (she/her)

Tara Gadomski is an actor, filmmaker, improvisor and BBC radio producer and Sundance Knight Fellow.  She trained in London and worked with the Fluxx Improv company. She produced a tour of the improv show The Quest to rural schools in Pennsylvania. Tara’s feature film, A Natural Mother is currently in development, and her short I See You Now is currently screening in festivals worldwide.