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Alex Braslavsky headshot 2021.jpg
Alex Braslavsky (he/him)

Alex Braslavsky is a performer/educator currently based in Philadelphia, PA. He was a regular performer with Baltimore Improv Group and NYC’s Magnet Theater and currently coaches a Harold team at Philadelphia Improv Theater. While in Baltimore, he was an improv teacher, coach, and regularly did workshops/assemblies through Young Audiences of Maryland. He was a guest performer with The Second City when they performed at CENTERSTAGE in 2011. He has performed at improv festivals around the country including Phoenix, NYC, Seattle, Providence, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and more. Alex received his Bachelor’s in Theatre from UMBC. He also was an extra in a Bollywood movie.

Darryl Charles (he/they)

Darryl Charles is a stand-up comedian and improviser based in Philadelphia who performs and teaches across the country.  Darryl teaches at Unscripted because children naturally have the knack for improv. Imagination, adaptability and physicality are some of the most precious gifts a human can get. Teaching children to utilize these attributes into adulthood is integral to leading rich, full lives and contributing to a kinder, more empathetic society.

Francine Odri (she/her)

Francine Odri is a director, choreographer, theatre educator, and screenwriter. She has a passion for creating innovative and immersive performances, utilizing improvisation, movement and dance, and devised work. She holds a BA in Theatre and Dance from Drew University and a minor in Dance and Choreography. When directing and teaching, she focuses on collaboration and teamwork with all members of her cast and team. Francine strongly believes in the power of theatre to enact social change and to help students become the best versions of themselves–more confident, joyful, and empathetic humans.

Jael Brown (she/her)

Jael is an actor, writer, director, makeup and teaching artist born and raised in Philadelphia. Jael garnered an immediate and passionate love for theatre and performance which prompted her to pursue acting professionally. Her love for theatre and performance led her to work with children and she is ecstatic to help create beautiful performances and hopes to inspire the children that she works with to discover the spark of creativity, drive, and talent within themselves. As someone who has always used theatre, specifically improv, as a way to connect with people across different backgrounds and interests, Jael is ecstatic to be a part of Unscripted and to help the children across her beloved hometown discover their own voices and a deeper, more meaningful way to communicate.

JoshHW Headshot.jpg
Josh Holober-Ward (he/him)

Josh is a Philadelphia-based actor, improviser, and educator. He's been passionate about theatre since childhood, eventually leading to a BFA in Acting from UMBC. He is also the creator, director, and producer of Roll Play: An Improvised Adventure, a show which brings fantasy tabletop role-playing games to the stage. Josh was drawn to Unscripted because of the profound positive impact he's seen improv have on people of all ages, and the opportunity to share those skills, joys, and benefits with future generations.

Katherine Perry (they/she)

Katherine Perry (she|they) is a Philadelphia based actor, improviser, teaching artist, and creative engine. Through their work Katherine seeks to generate positive disruption in the long-held systems that continue to oppress and marginalize people and communities. Every body can tell the story. As a performer Katherine has worked with the Arden Theatre Company, The Eagle Theatre, Revolution Shakespeare, and Theatre Horizon, as well as numerous new work development projects and productions.

Mary Carpenter Headshot (1).jpg
Mary Carpenter (she/her)

Mary Carpenter has worked as an actor, improviser, teacher, director and writer in Philadelphia for over 20 years. She holds degrees in theatre from Northwestern University and LAMDA. Mary has been with CSZ Philadelphia since 1992, where she has worked as a performer, teacher, Education Director and Artistic Director. She co-founded Philadelphia’s first non-profit Improvisation Company, Freefall Productions where she produced Philly’s first women’s improv ensemble 13 Skirts, as well as the fully improvised musical Choosical. In addition to ComedySportz, Mary’s improvisation experience includes City of Nutterly Love with The Second City, Dangerous Fools ‘Til Death Do Us Part, and Wisdom Teeth, as well as publishing her book: Do Or Do Not: How To Improvise Like A Jedi. Mary is thrilled to be working with The Unscripted Project, as she is a firm believer that improv can change the world.

Paul Deichmann (he/him)

Paul is an improviser, theatre artist, and podcaster. Paul’s been improvising since high school, but it was while teaching theatre (playwrighting, acting, play-production) in Shanghai that he was reminded of how even the best education can neglect to help students become spontaneous, confident, and joyous. Improv was, and is, an excellent solution to that problem. Other teachers took note, and Paul began collaborating with English teachers to use the tools of improv and theatre education to enliven their classrooms. 

Tanya Headshot_edited_edited.jpg
Tanya Morgan (she/her)

Tanya is an actor, educator, and mental health professional. Improv is a huge part of her life and it has been since she started taking classes at UCB in 2004. Improv has helped her become more confident as a performer and mental health professional. She works at Unscripted because she wants to share what she has learned about and through improv with others, especially children.

Tara Gadomski (she/her)

Tara Gadomski is an actor, filmmaker, improvisor and BBC radio producer and Sundance Knight Fellow.  She trained in London and worked with the Fluxx Improv company. She produced a tour of the improv show The Quest to rural schools in Pennsylvania. Tara’s feature film, A Natural Mother is currently in development, and her short I See You Now is currently screening in festivals worldwide.

Tia Headshot 1.jpg
Tia Kemp (she/her)

Tia Kemp is a performer and educator based in Philly. In 2013, she started training as an improviser while living in Seattle. Since then, she has been a part of theater house teams, taught improv at all levels, and became a team director. Tia is also the creator and host of “No Diggity,” an improv and trivia show inspired by old school hip hop and R&B. Tia loves how improv can inspire people to create, embrace the unknown and be present with one another. The origin of the improv we know today comes from social justice and youth work. I love how the Unscripted Project is committed to connecting kids to this amazing art form.

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