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Family-Friendly Improv Games to Play During the Holidays

Searching for a great way to connect with your family this holiday season? Look no further than these engaging games that will keep you laughing for hours.

Gibberish Translation:

  • 4 people perform a scene: two who are “alien actors” from another planet who will perform the scene in their alien gibberish language

  • The other two who translate from the alien language into English (or your language of choice) for the audience.

  • Wait for the translation before responding with the next gibberish line

  • Encourage each other to use body language, shifts in tonality and miming to help with gibberish

  • Alternatively, play with three players: 1 person will speak English or your language of choice, 1 will speak gibberish, and 1 will serve as the translator between both of them


  • 3 people host a slideshow of photos from a recent pretend vacation.

  • Another 3-4 people play the “photos”

  • Hosts have to justify the positions of those in the photos and explain what is happening

  • Modifications:

    • Can play as any kind of presentation

    • If you are playing via Zoom, the presenters should just have audio on, and hide non-video participants.

Ad Game:

  • 3-4 people pretend to be advertising creatives having a brainstorm session for a made up product with a gibberish name

  • A facilitator leads them through different sections of the brainstorm (“What’s it do?” “Who are we marketing it to?” “Who’s a great celeb to endorse it?” “What’s the commercial start with” “What would be a good jingle for this product?”)

  • Not only do people have to yes and each other’s ideas, but they have to LOVE each addition, so much so that the whole group shouts YES after every addition that anyone makes

  • Modifications:

    • Participants can also act out the commercial as well as describing it, or audience members can “act it out”.


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