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We’re empowering our educators to bring improv into their classrooms, whether in person or remotely, by offering Act 48 professional development workshops (accredited by PA Dept. of Education) online. We will keep facilitator : participant ratios low, as workshops are designed to be interactive, relevant, and fun.

The main components of our workshops are :

Introduction to Improv as a Pedagogical Tool

will focus on the theory behind improvisation and how it works in the classroom.

Becoming an Improviser

allows participants to play improv games and understand the mechanisms behind why the games work the way that they do.

Direct Classroom Applications of Improv

will focus on how to facilitate games and bring them into the classroom, including as standards-aligned lesson plans.

if you are a school administrator interested in bringing this PD to your school,

let us know

Unscripted Open PD

Spring 2021 Free Workshop

April 6-7, 2021

Workshops are a set of two, two-hour workshops conducted over Zoom. Participants are expected to attend both sessions. Workshops are open to all Philadelphia educators, and educators will receive 4 hours of ACT 48 credit from the Pennsylvania Dept of  Education for participating.

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